Dec 15

The Importance of Domain Name


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If you are looking to the success of your site on the search engine without wasting too much time you will need to assess the crucial role played by the domain. The name of the domain has to be given its due importance which not many people do. While selecting the domain name a few important characteristics will need to be considered. The first thing to do is keep the domain name short.

In the present times it is seen the domain names with three or four letters are being considered by businesses and the ones having five letters are gradually depleting. Ideally, the experts feel that the domain should be less than ten letters long and if this is not possible, then you should not go for more than twenty letters at least.

Selecting Number of Words
It is excellent to have one word domain names, good to have two letter words, average to have three letter words and if the domain name has more than three words then this is termed as bad. Another aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that it should also be easy to recall.

Most of the time, the site name is memorized and whenever it is required, the name is typed on the search engine. If the domain name is easy to remember then the user is able to recollect it faster and type it on the search engine. Hence long domain names are not recommended.

Easy Spelling
Another important aspect to keep in mind in a domain search process is the spelling. If the domain name is misspelled then the chances of reaching another site instead of your site will increase. It is advised to not use foreign and complex words.

Extension of the domain name is another important aspect that needs consideration at the time of domain registration. The .org extension is preferred by most companies at the time of developing the site. One of the most popularly used domain name extensions is the .com extension amongst users of the internet.

Descriptive Domains
There is also another important thing to keep in mind which is to keep the domain name descriptive. The domain name will be effective if it describes the products or services of the business to customers. Much before entering into the site, the visitor is able to get an idea on the kind of product or service you are offering.

Also try to avoid use of number and hyphens in the domain name to avoid confusion in the mind of the visitors. Just as the right kind of location is most important for any real estate business in the same way for a website’s success, the main corner stone is the domain name.

Dec 15

Mobile SEO not a Myth

Mobile Search Behavior The Same As Desktop/Tablet/Laptop

The claim: When we analyze mobile search queries, it appears that mobile searchers are mostly looking for the same types of things that desktop/tablet/laptop searchers are looking for. There doesn’t appear to be a need to do additional keyword research since search behavior doesn’t vary by platform.

The reality: If you look at what visits you’re getting from mobile searchers in Web analytics, you’re looking at terms that you’ve already optimized for. If there are terms that mobile searchers use that desktop searchers don’t (or don’t as frequently), you really need to do mobile keyword research in order to uncover them.

If you’ve done mobile keyword research by using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and comparing mobile percentage of total or the mobile ratio and you still don’t see a difference between mobile and desktop search behavior, it could be that your site and/or vertical is one in which there is not a lot of variance between what mobile searchers and desktop searchers are looking for.

It does not follow that there is no variance to be found. In fact, as we demonstrated earlier this year, for certain categories like Dining and Nightlife, Retail and Sports & Fitness, there’s a high degree of variance between how people search on desktops vs. smartphones.

Finding that value-add in mobile that isn’t a priority on desktop could not only better serve your user, but it could also differentiate you from your competitors who are putting efficiency ahead of optimization.

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Dec 02

Yabs Domains – Services

Yabs Domains
For those looking for a superior web designing company with low web hosting rates, top notch graphic designing and great website maintenance, look no further than Yabs Domains.
For over 12 years, the Yabs Pty Ltd has been carving their name in a variety of fields, most notably setting up, running and selling successful businesses in the Melbourne area. From the Yabs Supermart to Yabs Tobaccomart and Yabs Bottleshop, you have no doubt seen our name around town. This business experience has helped us craft a name on the internet for providing the best type of websites for aspiring online businesses.
Yabs Domains understands what it takes to run a business as we have run many ourselves. Our first goal is to sit down and listen to your needs so we can craft the best website possible for your online adventure. We know the basics that will help you build your brand and sell your products and services from day one. What you do with your business is based on the foundation we can help you build with excellent web designing services.
All under one roof we have the complete team of web designing professionals that will create for you the right type of website that is attractive, easy to maintain and yet pulls in potential customers. Here are just a few reasons why you should select Yabs Domains.
- No Contract or Hidden Fees: We provide upfront fees so you know what you are paying for.
- Super fast cloud hosting network: Now your website uploads even faster.
- Free Setup & Free Applications
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- SEO & Social marketing: Let us help you find more customers.
- 99% Uptime Guarantee, 24/7 Server monitoring, Daily Backup
- Latest cPanel, Website maintenance and much, much more.
Web Designing Services
With Yabsdomains you get the best web designing services at very low, competitive prices. We want you to be thrilled with the website that you are getting, that’s why we charge low prices and inexpensive hosting fees to convince you that we are the right team to craft your online business. You can also choose from a great number of domain names that best describes your business. Let us help you find the right domain names that work.
Our crack graphics designing staff means that you get an attractive, yet highly functional website that is easy for customers to navigate.
Web Hosting and Web Maintenance
We monitor your website 24/7 and provide inexpensive, yet powerful web hosting advantages for your business. Plus, we understand thanks to our business experience how to reach customers. Our websites are designed so that customers want to visit and shop your website.
We emphasize providing easy for customers to use, yet attractive to the eyes websites that work. We employ great SEO services to help you get customers and find more. We have the expertise to help you launch a highly successful business thank to our years of experience with SEO and social marketing.
Let us show you why more people are coming to Yabsdomains and see the great website we can build to launch your business.

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Nov 25

Internet Marketing Increasing

This can be a good thing as it means it is effective but it may also mean more and more competition to beat if you want your business to stay on top. In order to successfully beat competition, you need to be updated with the latest tips and trends of internet marketing nowadays or the latest factors that could make your internet marketing business boom. Here are some of the latest internet marketing tips and trends you should apply, Yabs Domains can help you do this, and bring your website come on the top…..

  • Be trusted. This is a constant tip and trend for most internet marketers out there. Whether it is the present or the future, it is important to keep the trust of your consumers intact. Just as you have managed to earn their trust, you should make them trust you more nowadays because a lot of competition could snatch them away from you in a blink of an eye. This means you should improve your services more so that despite the competition, your customers will choose to stay with you all the way.
  • Be alive. Do not simply stick to blogs as your means of luring customers to your website. Blogs are good but people sometimes need proof that you are a real live earthling and not an alien from outer space who’s trying to abduct them by luring them to your site. Therefore, it helps when you apply videos to your website not only to prove you actually exist but to make the information they read from your blogs a lot clearer.
  • Be social. A great percentage of internet users are flocking into social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter already. You should know where your potential customers are likely to hang out. With this, take your internet marketing business to where they are; in this case, to social network sites were they are likely to see your business clearly.
  • Be mobile. A great percentage of potential customers also use mobile devices like cell phones, ipad, etc. because they can take these gadgets with them anywhere they go. With this, if you make your internet marketing business mobile as well, access to your business is only a fingertip away for your customers.

Nov 21


JOB advertisements on the internet rose by 2.5 per cent in October, Federal Government figures show, YABS DOMAINS is also looking for more Web Designers.

The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations internet vacancy index rose to a seasonally adjusted 70.7 points in the month, although this is still 14.1 per cent lower from a year ago.
Vacancies increased in seven of the eight occupational groups monitored by the department.
The strongest monthly increase was for labourers, rising by 6.4 per cent, followed by a 5.5 per cent rise in sales workers.
Technicians and trades workers were the only group to decline, easing by 0.2 per cent.
Vacancies largely concentrated on the nation’s two most populous states – NSW and Victoria – rising by 6.9 per cent and 5.4 per cent respectively in October.

The biggest fall was in the ACT, dropping 8.4 per cent, with the territory also posting the largest annual decline of 21.1 per cent.

Nov 18

YABS Domains

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