Dec 15

Mobile SEO not a Myth

Mobile Search Behavior The Same As Desktop/Tablet/Laptop

The claim: When we analyze mobile search queries, it appears that mobile searchers are mostly looking for the same types of things that desktop/tablet/laptop searchers are looking for. There doesn’t appear to be a need to do additional keyword research since search behavior doesn’t vary by platform.

The reality: If you look at what visits you’re getting from mobile searchers in Web analytics, you’re looking at terms that you’ve already optimized for. If there are terms that mobile searchers use that desktop searchers don’t (or don’t as frequently), you really need to do mobile keyword research in order to uncover them.

If you’ve done mobile keyword research by using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool and comparing mobile percentage of total or the mobile ratio and you still don’t see a difference between mobile and desktop search behavior, it could be that your site and/or vertical is one in which there is not a lot of variance between what mobile searchers and desktop searchers are looking for.

It does not follow that there is no variance to be found. In fact, as we demonstrated earlier this year, for certain categories like Dining and Nightlife, Retail and Sports & Fitness, there’s a high degree of variance between how people search on desktops vs. smartphones.

Finding that value-add in mobile that isn’t a priority on desktop could not only better serve your user, but it could also differentiate you from your competitors who are putting efficiency ahead of optimization.

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